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For those experiencing pain due to accidents or injuries, chiropractic pain management could provide you with relief and greatly reduce discomfort. Myshka Chiropractic provides treatment options for those seeking pain relief for the following:

Regular visits with Dr. Susan Myshka for chiropractic pain management in Jonesboro have helped our patients alleviate pain and improve mobility to joints. Common causes of pain, such as falling, car accidents, or poor long-term posture, have been treated with chiropractic care to reduce pain. Our chiropractic treatments are primarily performed for pain relief in muscles, joints, bones, tissue, ligaments, and tendons.

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The Chiropractic Pain Management Process

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Like any medical process, Myshka Chiropractic follows an examination process to determine if chiropractic treatment will help with pain relief. Treatment plans generally involve regular or semi-regular Gonstead chiropractic adjustments to ensure proper alignment, improve mobility, and reduce inflammation causes.

Our holistic examination ensures that we can completely understand the history and possible cause of your underlying issue. This personalized approach allows us to perform targeted treatments that address the problem you might be facing.

Since long term pain can stem from several issues, we make sure to adjust our chiropractic pain management process according to the identified problem. With that being said, our examination procedure remains thorough and comprehensive in all cases.

To help you become more familiar with the process, here’s an overview of a typical examination.

  1. Review medical history – This includes the records of any injuries that you may have experienced, any treatments you may have received, or any medications you might take. This allows us to understand your underlying conditions and find a suitable treatment that doesn’t interfere with your current lifestyle.
  2. Review patient concerns – While anyone can experience pain, it affects every patient differently. With this in mind, we make it a point to note down your specific symptoms and concerns regarding your condition and its subsequent treatment. This helps us assess the possible causes and intensity of your pain. It also allows us to answer any inquiries that you may have.
  3. Examine pain area – To make sure that we have a better understanding of the root cause, we examine your specific pain area. This examination is non-intrusive and doesn’t require any lab tests. However, it allows us to check the state of your spine, muscles, and their surrounding site. This is a critical step that helps us design a targeted treatment method to alleviate your pain.
  4. Provide recommended treatment options (if applicable) – Once we have assessed your medical history and have a proper diagnosis of your pain’s underlying issue, we provide you with recommended treatment options. These chiropractic treatments for pain are only advised if our findings suggest that they can help you find relief with proper care.

Our chiropractic care goal is to alleviate pain, attempt to straighten your spine as much as your body will allow, restore mobility, and prevent further injuries from occurring. However, we treat your safety as our utmost priority and ensure approaching your case with this point in mind.

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Chiropractic care is considered a safe and effective form of pain treatment after an accident or injury. To determine if chiropractic pain management can effectively reduce pain for you, we recommend scheduling an appointment at Myshka Chiropractic. Our experienced and local chiropractor can perform a personalized examination to determine if pain treatment is the best solution for you.

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