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5. Iodine

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Benefits of Iodine - Myshka Chiropractic

I started taking oral iodine regularly (potassium iodide) after sitting in a continuing education class.  Over the next seven years, I only got sick once, not twice a year!! I had no more respiratory infections or bladder infections. This is a valuable mineral but must be monitored.  Too little iodine or too much iodine is not healthy. If you are interested in taking tablets of potassium iodide, make an appointment and let us go over how much, and when to stop.  The take away is Iodine does the following things:

  • Kills all bacteria
  • Kills all viruses
  • Kills all fungus
  • Kills all parasites

Your blood cells pass through your thyroid glad every 17 minutes and help purify your blood when a healthy volume of iodine is present.

Hospital emergency rooms and operating rooms use iodine in the form of 10% povidone-iodine (name brand Betadine solution).  The above 4 reasons are why they use this iodine to sanitize the wound because it KILLS all.

I got rid of the hydrogen peroxide, alcohol, and triple ointment antibiotics and now I only keep Betadine solution in my house.

My child, when I adopted her, was having earaches every 30 days and swimming made it worse.  She was given antibiotic (only kills bacteria nothing else) 12-14 time a year. I put two drops of betadine in her ear, let it sit for 10 minutes for two days.  After swimming, I put betadine in her ears and now my child is not plagued with earaches. WARNING do not put Betadine in the ear if there is a hole in the eardrum.

Our soldiers put iodine tablets to purify water anywhere in the world because it Kills ALL  bacteria, viruses, fungus, and parasites. So soldiers use iodine, Hospitals use iodine why not you?

Iodine Deficiency Symptoms

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