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3. Flax Seed

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flax seed supplements - Myshaka Chiropractic in Jonesboro, AR

I woke up one morning at age 58, and my bed was wet, fully saturated with sweat. With no warning, menopause had begun in my life. Oh no. So I started my search for the non-prescription answer. I found Flax seeds ground up in a coffee bean grinder was the most effective plant-based estrogen.

So, I started every morning placing two tablespoons of flax seed in my coffee bean grinder to turn it into ground flax seed. I did not want to take the time to mix the ground flaxseed into yogurt or peanut butter, so I take multiple spoon fulls, chasing each spoon full with water until all the ground flax seed is gone.

Before bed, I also take over the counter supplement, Black Cohosh, another plant-based estrogen. The combination of these two has stopped my night sweats.


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