Back Pain Testimonials
"At age 14, I was playing basketball and had sudden low back pain. I was bed ridden for one week. This ended my basketball in school. I was diagnosed with a herniated disc. I took a lot of prescription pain pills. I saw a neurosurgeon in Memphis, Tennessee in November 2000 and he recommended a chiropractor because I was so young. I went to Dr.Susan Myshka in February 2001. She examined and x-rayed me. The root of my problem was 3/4-inch shorter left leg, which caused my spine to curve. Dr. Myshka put a heel lift in my left shoe and gave me spinal manipulations. In 3 weeks I was pain free for the first time in SIX Years."
– Elizabeth Childers, Jonesboro, AR

"I was playing soccer at age 20, October 2000, when I jumped head first and landed on my head. I was knocked out for 3 minutes and later diagnosed with a head concussion with left shoulder injured. Ever since then I've had on and off severe pain between my shoulder blades. A relative suggested I see Dr. Susan Myshka because I had suffered for 1 1/2 years. After 3 weeks of chiropractic care the pain had subsided. I followed the recommended care. Not only had the upper back pain left, but my headaches went away and my stomach problems cleared up. I feel great all over. I tell others to get checked by Dr. Myshka."
– Celia King, Jonesboro, Arkansas

Headache Testimonials
"Two years ago at age 38, I started having headaches on the back left side of my head. 4 to 5 days out of a week I was having headaches. It took 20-25 over the counter pills a week for two years. My father suggested in February 2002 that I try Dr. Susan Myshka. After the first week I had substantial relief. I went 4 weeks with no headache, then a very mild headache for half a day. I did not believe chiropractic could help, but now I tell people they need to be checked by Dr. Myshka. My ENERGY level is even up."
– Randall Bowers Bay, Arkansas

"My headaches started in 1956 at age 13. After the birth of my first child the headaches became sick, intense, headaches - occurring once a month. I took medication to help. I went to Dr. Susan Myshka in May 2001 because the headaches became daily. I have not had any headaches since June 2001. I recommend all headache sufferers to be checked by Dr. Myshka because I am so pleased to be headache FREE."
– Peggy Simpson Light, Arkansas

Slipped Disc Testimonials
"I had gone to other chiropractors since 1970 and still had low back pain and left leg numbness. I severely injured my low back in 1996 loading firewood and was hospitalized because I was paralyzed. The neurosurgeon said I had a very large herniated disc and needed immediate surgery. Instead, I went to Dr. Susan Myshka the next day. I never had low back surgery and my left leg is not numb, thanks to Dr. Myshka."
– Gerald Lumpkin, Horseshoe Bend

"In 1996, I suddenly ruptured a disc on a Sunday. I called Dr. Susan Myshka on Sunday and she came to the office, treated my back and actually got me on my feet. I had a CAT scan and the neurosurgeon wanted to watch how I respond to chiropractic care with a ruptured disc. I was pain free in 3 months, which was nine months sooner than the neurosurgeon expected. I recommend everyone with low back pain to get Dr. Myshka’s opinion."
– Kay Hultquist, Leachville, AR

"I was in the holding room waiting to be wheeled into the operating room for an L5 disc rupture. I started coughing and the neurosurgeon postponed the surgery. I lay in bed for two weeks and then went to Dr. Susan Myshka. I cried and could hardly walk. After 3 weeks the pain subsided. I continue to see Dr. Myshka for good spinal hygiene. I tell anyone who has back trouble to see Dr. Myshka because she kept me from having back surgery."
– Sandra Price, Jonesboro, AR

Neck Pain Testimonials
"I am a college student. I was wrestling at my apartment November2001,at age 18, when I was dropped upside down. I hit my face on the floor and my upper back popped. I couldn't turn my head for one month. I decided to try Dr.. Susan Myshka. After 10 visits I was pain free. I follow Dr. Myshka's recommendations and I don't hurt anymore. Everyone I met that has neck or back pain I refer them to Dr. Myshka."
– Amanda Wallace, Maulden, Missouri

"By 1989 I had been in 5 car accidents and suffered from neck pain and headaches. Everyday I would wake up with neck stiffness. Over the counter medication did not work anymore. On October 23, 2001, I called Dr. Susan Myshka for an exam and x-ray. Within a couple of weeks of chiropractic care I had no more neck pain or headaches. In the last six months I've only had one headache, compared to the daily headaches that began February 2001. I tell others who suffer from neck pain or headaches to get a check-up from Dr. Susan Myshka."

– Danni Beavers, Jonesboro, Arkansas